ClanTox is a classifier of animal toxins. Given a sequence, it predicts whether the sequence is a toxin or toxin-like protein.

How to classify your sequence

The form below allows you to input your sequences: either paste the sequence in the text box or upload your file.


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How to compile a sequence list

The user is advised to use the list of sequence ID / accession numbers appearing in typical batch retrieval systems when creating a FASTA formatted set of sequences. Here is a sample file containing such a sequence list. Candidate systems include: SRS, Ensembl - Biomart, PIR and UniprotKB.

In case your input ID and accession are not derived from one of the major UniProtKB protein resources, the user is advised to submit his/her accession numbers to PICR, the Protein Identifier Cross-Reference Service. Matches from PIR, Refseq, PDB etc. to UniProtKB will enable ClanTox to provide the benefits of the associated knowledge and annotation maintained by these resources.

Please note that:

  • The sequences must be in FASTA format.
  • The maximum number of sequences is 10000
  • The maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • We advise the submission of mature proteins sequences rather than preproteins.